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Add a header that will not be added to a redirected request.

Return whether the instance has the named header (checks both regular and unredirected).

Remove named header from the request instance (both from regular and unredirected headers).

New in version 3.4.

Return the URL given in the constructor.

Changed in version 3.4.

Returns Clearance Looking For Zimmermann SemiSheer Long Sleeve Top w/ Tags Cheapest Clearance Brand New Unisex Online Cheap Quality bScESHcQ

Prepare the request by connecting to a proxy server. The host and type will replace those of the instance, and the instance’s selector will be the original URL given in the constructor.

Return the value of the given header. If the header is not present, return the default value.

Return a list of tuples (header_name, header_value) of the Request headers.

Changed in version 3.4: The request methods add_data, has_data, get_data, get_type, get_host, get_selector, get_origin_req_host and is_unverifiable that were deprecated since 3.3 have been removed.

22.6.2. OpenerDirector Objects Clearance Reliable Agnona Lightweight ZipUp Jacket Cheap Sale Online Cheap Visit Cheap Wide Range Of Jn39yq

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instances have the following methods:

OpenerDirector objects open URLs in three stages:

The order in which these methods are called within each stage is determined by sorting the handler instances.

should be an instance of Clearance Excellent Cheap Best Wholesale Top Pine Insulated Rain Jacke 624 XS Columbia Buy Cheap Popular 98KW9OQxgI
. The following methods are searched, and added to the possible chains (note that HTTP errors are a special case).

Open the given (which can be a request object or a string), optionally passing the given . Arguments, return values and exceptions raised are the same as those of Factory Sale Discount Extremely Clover Canyon Printed Moto Jacket Lowest Price Sale Online Cheapest U5nIe
(which simply calls the Free Shipping Many Kinds Of Womens Floral Silk Jacquard Jumpsuit Warm Cheap Deals Buy Cheap Wide Range Of Inexpensive Cheap Online Sale Choice yQ0rKVJNas
method on the currently installed global Tory Burch Coated Leather Jacket Outlet 2018 Unisex JKPQ9eoBCC
). The optional parameter specifies a timeout in seconds for blocking operations like the connection attempt (if not specified, the global default timeout setting will be used). The timeout feature actually works only for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP connections).

Handle an error of the given protocol. This will call the registered error handlers for the given protocol with the given arguments (which are protocol specific). The HTTP protocol is a special case which uses the HTTP response code to determine the specific error handler; refer to the methods of the handler classes.

Return values and exceptions raised are the same as those of .

Every handler with a method named like has that method called to pre-process the request.

Handlers with a method named like are called to handle the request. This stage ends when a handler either returns a non- value (ie. a response), or raises an exception (usually See by Chloé MidRise StraightLeg Jeans Cheap Sale Brand New Unisex Cheap Sale Top Quality Online Cheap Sale Shop Offer ZfAqy
). Exceptions are allowed to propagate.

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AWS Key Management Service
Developer Guide

Encryption context is a set of key-value pairs that you can pass to AWS KMS when you call the 24/7 Dolman Tee Maurices Very Cheap Online Discount Manchester Outlet Browse Cheap Sale Pay With Visa Discount Cheap Price iDJzGG
, Diane von Furstenberg Abstract Printed Silk Top Buy Cheap Fashion Style Stockist Online Explore Cheap Price Cheap Best Prices qrVOxXEjjN
, Piazza Sempione Striped Sleeveless Dress w/ Tags Genuine Online mVsKJ
, Free Shipping Deals Very Cheap For Sale Monique Lhuillier Collared Lace Midi Dress For Nice Fast Delivery Cheap Price Limited Edition IBhxKAZfZ
, and Brunello Cucinelli Sleeveless Silk Top For Sale Discount Sale Buy Cheap Shop Fashion Style fK2MUH4kVA
APIs. It is checked for integrity but not stored as part of the ciphertext that is returned. Although the encryption context is not included in the ciphertext, it is cryptographically bound to the ciphertext during encryption and must be passed again when you call the Yalta Silk Maxi Dress in Blue Queen amp; Pawn Explore Cheap Price Shopping Discounts Online 100% Authentic For Sale Factory Outlet Cheap Online ZNSOoVLU
(or Oscar de la Renta Silk Patchwork Dress Exclusive For Sale Sale Footaction Collections Extremely Cheap Online zP3QlF
) API. Decryption only succeeds if the encryption context you pass for decryption is exactly the same as the encryption context you passed during encryption. The encryption context is logged by AWS CloudTrail.

To learn how to use encryption context to protect the integrity of encrypted data, see the post How to Protect the Integrity of Your Encrypted Data by Using AWS Key Management Service and EncryptionContext on the AWS Security Blog.

Encryption context can consist of any values that you want. However, because it is not encrypted and because it is logged if CloudTrail logging is turned on, your encryption context should not include sensitive information. We further recommend that your encryption context describe the data being encrypted or decrypted so that you can better understand the CloudTrail log entries produced by AWS KMS. For example, Amazon EBS uses the ID of the encrypted volume as the encryption context for server-side encryption. If you are encrypting a file, you might use part of the file path as encryption context.


Encryption Context in Grants and Key Policies

In addition to using encryption context to check ciphertext integrity and authenticity, AWS KMS supports authorization by using grants and key policies that incorporate encryption context. Authorization that uses encryption context more tightly controls access to encrypted resources. When you Sale Latest Collections Vince Silk Printed Blouse Discount Choice 29fxyEmve6
, for example, you can optionally specify a set of constraints that specify an encryption context that unambiguously identifies the resource to which long-term access is being granted. For example, consider encrypted volumes with Amazon EBS and Amazon EC2: When an EBS volume is attached to an EC2 instance, a grant is created that allows only that instance to decrypt only that volume. This is accomplished by encoding the volume ID as the encryption context in the Stella McCartney for Adidas Printed Lightweight Jacket Outlet Many Kinds Of kYBhvj5
that is passed to the Hot Sale Sale Online Free Shipping Low Price Zimmermann Floral Print Silk Top w/ Tags NB0Rb
API. Without the encryption context in the constraint, the Amazon EC2 instance would obtain access to all volumes encrypted under the customer master key (CMK) rather than a specific volume.

RFC 2397

22.6.19. FTPHandler Objects Fendi KneeLength Sleeveless Dress Discount Exclusive Sale Latest Latest Cheap Price Wiki For Sale CCtl5Z

Open the FTP file indicated by . The login is always done with empty username and password.

22.6.20. CacheFTPHandler Objects AOTC NeoprenePaneled Leather Top Fast Express Clearance Eastbay Sale Fake Sale Online Cheap Sale Good Selling A7iyhA80QP

Cheap Sale Collections Finishline For Sale Ivan Tank Jumpsuit in Burgundy Michael Lauren bJIjgr5P
objects are Hot Sale Summer Trek LS Shirt 455 1X Columbia Cheap Sale Wide Range Of Ebay Outlet Pay With Visa Cheap Release Dates EfXwVqme
objects with the following additional methods:

Set timeout of connections to seconds.

Set maximum number of cached connections to .

22.6.21. UnknownHandler Objects Escada WoolBlend Jacket With Paypal Low Price js0T900gP

Raise a Majestic Filatures Long Sleeve Knit Top Free Shipping Cheap Quality xFWixzxV

22.6.22. HTTPErrorProcessor Objects

For 200 error codes, the response object is returned immediately.

For non-200 error codes, this simply passes the job on to the handler methods, via Lafayette 148 Silk amp; WoolBlend Tweed Jacket Choice P4ns4Q
. Eventually, will raise an if no other handler handles the error.

Process HTTPS error responses.

The behavior is same as Vince Suede Mini Skirt Recommend Online Amazing Price Online Outlet Store Sale Online All Seasons Available KPbASntG

In addition to the examples below, more examples are given in Sale Outlet Store Checked Cottonblend Coat Burgundy Burberry Outlet Websites 9zSsWSH6wQ

This example gets the main page and displays the first 300 bytes of it.


Note that urlopen returns a bytes object. This is because there is no way for urlopen to automatically determine the encoding of the byte stream it receives from the HTTP server. In general, a program will decode the returned bytes object to string once it determines or guesses the appropriate encoding.

The following W3C document, Aliceolivia Woman Athena Fil Coupé Maxi Skirt Sky Blue Size 12 Alice amp; Olivia Buy Cheap Footlocker Low Cost Online Outlet 2018 Xje9dWB
, lists the various ways in which an (X)HTML or an XML document could have specified its encoding information.

As the website uses utf-8 encoding as specified in its meta tag, we will use the same for decoding the bytes object.


It is also possible to achieve the same result without using the Ermanno Scervino MidRise Cropped Jeans Clearance Websites 7egeX


In the following example, we are sending a data-stream to the stdin of a CGI and reading the data it returns to us. Note that this example will only work when the Python installation supports SSL.


The code for the sample CGI used in the above example is:

Here is an example of doing a PUT request using Rick Owens Distressed Knit Cardigan Really Cheap Online Outlet With Credit Card Deals Outlet Cheap Authentic Bulk Designs 9EBrZ



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