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Department of Corrections

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Department of Corrections

The ServerGroupAffinityFilter ensures that an instance is scheduled on to a host from a set of group hosts. To take advantage of this filter, the requester must create a server group with an affinity policy, and pass a scheduler hint, using group as the key and the server group UUID as the value. Using the nova command-line tool, use the --hint flag. For example:

The ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter ensures that each instance in a group is on a different host. To take advantage of this filter, the requester must create a server group with an anti-affinity policy, and pass a scheduler hint, using group as the key and the server group UUID as the value. Using the nova command-line client, use the --hint flag. For example:

Schedules the instance based on host IP subnet range. To take advantage of this filter, the requester must specify a range of valid IP address in CIDR format, by passing two scheduler hints:

Using the nova command-line client, use the --hint flag. For example, to specify the IP subnet :


Filters hosts based on their trust. Only passes hosts that meet the trust requirements specified in the instance properties.

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Dynamically limits hosts to one instance type. An instance can only be launched on a host, if no instance with different instances types are running on it, or if the host has no running instances at all.

When resourcing instances, the filter scheduler filters and weights each host in the list of acceptable hosts. Each time the scheduler selects a host, it virtually consumes resources on it, and subsequent selections are adjusted accordingly. This process is useful when the customer asks for the same large amount of instances, because weight is computed for each requested instance.

All weights are normalized before being summed up; the host with the largest weight is given the highest priority.

Weighting hosts

If cells are used, cells are weighted by the scheduler in the same manner as hosts.

Hosts and cells are weighted based on the following options in the /etc/nova/nova.conf file:

For example:

Chance scheduler

As an administrator, you work with the filter scheduler. However, the Compute service also uses the Chance Scheduler, , which randomly selects from lists of filtered hosts.

It is possible to schedule VMs using advanced scheduling decisions. These decisions are made based on enhanced usage statistics encompassing data like memory cache utilization, memory bandwidth utilization, or network bandwidth utilization. This is disabled by default. The administrator can configure how the metrics are weighted in the configuration file by using the weight_setting configuration option in the nova.conf configuration file. For example to configure metric1 with ratio1 and metric2 with ratio2:

Diplomacy in Action

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The United States must work particularly closely with our neighbors to conserve and manage our many shared living marine resources. With Canada, in particular, the State Department has led negotiations to establish a number of formal agreements and treaties that facilitate cooperation on shared resources, including Pacific salmon and halibut, and coordinate efforts to restore and manage fisheries in the Great Lakes.

The State Department also maintains bilateral cooperation on fisheries with Russia and Mexico, with whom we also share extensive maritime boundaries, and ongoing bilateral dialogues with the European Union, Japan, China, Norway and a number of other countries.

After several decades of intense disputes, the United States and Canada agreed to a framework for conserving Pacific salmon coast-wide by concluding the 1985 Pacific Salmon Treaty (the “1985 Treaty”). The 1985 Treaty was designed to conserve and optimize the production of intermingling salmon stocks along the coasts of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Southeast Alaska, to reduce interceptions of salmon originating in one country by fisheries of the other country, and to regulate salmon harvests between the two countries. The 1985 Treaty established the bilateral Pacific Salmon Commission () to provide for coast-wide management of key salmon fisheries.

In 2008, under the auspices of the Commission, the United States and Canada concluded negotiations on a Zip Back Scuba Pants Veronica Beard Countdown Package Sale Online Comfortable With Paypal Sale Online Big Sale Cheap Online 1hw81PBx
for most Pacific salmon fisheries. These rules will extend until 2018.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (), founded in 1923, is one of the most successful fisheries management commissions in the world. Throughout the over eighty years of its existence, the IPHC has facilitated unprecedented cooperation between the United States and Canada and has successfully managed the shared halibut stock, yielding an annual catch for the United States with a 2015 landed value of over $118 million, and a retail value 2 to 3 times that amount. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments provide funds to support the Commission, which conducts research to further understanding of Pacific halibut, carries out regular stock assessments, and provides a forum to establish joint catch limits and management measures. In recent years, the Commission has developed innovative electronic data capture and catch monitoring systems.

The United States is represented in the IPHC by a Federal Government Commissioner, usually an expert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAA) Fisheries Service , and two others with knowledge of halibut fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The State Department works closely with the three U.S. Commissioners to develop U.S. positions and conduct negotiations with Canada through the Commission.

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